We welcome you

CULLINAN GUEST FARM is the place to relax, unwind and get in touch with nature once again...


We thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We are the new owners of CULLINAN GUEST FARM and we will keep up to the good standard of this beautiful facilities.

Callie and Wilma-lé Oosthuysen

Come and join us at CULLINAN GUEST FARM and allow the wide-open spaces and our warm friendly hospitality to help dissapate the stress of day-to-day living. We would like you to enjoy the vast expanse, wild game, birdlife, everyday farming, breathtaking sunsets and the night skies crowded with stars!


Take time out to explore the veldt with all its small creatures hidden in the sand, unique vegetation, and birdlife – from the industrious sociable weavers with their colossal communal nests to a host of powerful raptors. A variety of antelope can also be seen, such as, the small Steenbok to the large, graceful Gemsbok.